March 18, 2007

The Romero Family

The Romero Family (from left to right: Al, Mary Lou, Cherise, Alfredo, Maxine, Bill, and Flavia) recorded this regional hit back in 1983 at the Rendezvous Studios in Honolulu, and although David Geffen offered to fly the entire family out to Los Angeles to record a follow up, they chose instead to ride off into the Oahu sunset. Lord knows why. But they make it very clear in "I Believe In God" that they don't approve of superstars, organic food, or foreign cars -- so perhaps they just couldn't handle their burgeoning celebrity status and the lifestyle it demanded. Last month I ran into Alfredo Romero, covered in tattoos, pedaling leis in front of the Opportunity Village charity shop on West Oakey Blvd. in Las Vegas.

Kanaka Wai Wai
I Believe In God

Worry No More

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Anonymous said...

Do not know who posted this info on this site or the purpose of the site, but I am Alfredo Romero jr. My father Alfredo is stil playing music in Waikiki on occasion and lives with his wife Diane as a resident mananger. He is NOT covered in tatoos in Las Vegas. I am a worship leader in a Church in Chico Ca. and the rest of the family still resides in Honolulu. Where did you get your information. If you need facts, email me at God Bless

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