March 14, 2007

Battle of the Brothers


This month's Battle of the Brothers pits the Hürel Brothers from Turkey against The Pyle Brothers from Evansville, Indiana.

Back in the mid-70's, Nate, Joe, and Mike Pyle were a vibrant young group of Gospel believing Christians who had a very unique and versatile ministry. Not only did the Lord use their singing talents to reach souls, but God also involved the entire Pyle clan in skits and puppet shows that delighted audiences in 22 states.

Meanwhile, nearly 5200 miles away in a swirl of hashish smoke, Onur, Feridun, and Haldun Hürel were staging a coup against the reigning emperor of Turkish psych, Erkin Koray. But it was merely a stepping stone to their ultimate goal: a victory against the Pyle Brothers so they could seize their collection of puppets. And if they couldn't do it with their double-necked saz/guitars and passionate vocals, then by God they'd do it with their stylish threads!

3 Hur-El - Doner Dunya
3 Hur-El - Omur Biter Yol Bitmez
(from the lp Hurel Arsivi released on Diskotur in 1976)

The Pyle Brothers - Don't Go To Heaven Alone
The Pyle Brothers - It's A Song The Angels Cannot Sing

(from the lp Don't Go To Heaven Alone, released on Pinebrook in 1975)

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valis said...

3 Hur-El.., by a mile-long hookah.

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